Safer Internet Week.. Your thoughts!

Date: 10th Feb 2016 @ 10:41am

What a cracking assembly from our School Council. You really are a powerful voice for Crosslee. Please let me know your thoughts on our Safer Internet work.

Remember Share Aware!

Miss Roberts wrote:

Thanks for the amazing lesson Dora and Jayden. Very informative!!


be smart and safe

ayo wrote:

this told me a lot about the internet

charlotte saphier y6R wrote:

this assembely but not ust the assembaly was briilliant the school council really pulled it off well done! i have learned alot of dora and jayden and i hope they can do so much more!

Dora Dasilva year 6R wrote:

I loved the lesson that mean and Jayden did.


i think that it is really genorous that some people in the school really care abiut us being safe

Brandon Moyo wrote:

I have to say good job to everyone that was in shcool council includeing miss parker

laiba wrote:

Be safe on the inter net

Sam Y6 wrote:

WOW! I loved that assembly it was great so i want to give a bigshout out to all of school council

Pardees Nazarinia Y6 wrote:

I loved the assembly and it was really useful for internet saftey!

Matthew Wu Y6R wrote:

I liked the assembly and i learnt a lot about E-safety

nisha y6r wrote:

wow that assembly all taught us on how to be safe on the internet and especially when we get to high school

jayden y6r wrote:

I'm a school council member but in my opinion the assembly it was great well done the other members of school council.

bonney wrote:

I like the assenbly

Sam wrote:

Well done school council really good assembly, I enjoyed it so much a lot of activity with the audience.

Cienna wrote:

This accembly was really good and it told me a lot about keep safe online like blocking people if they send you horrible comments

juliet wrote:

what an amazing assembely

Munashe wrote:

It was so amazing wasn't it we learnt so much like don't meet up with people and don't give your personal information also if people send horrible coment BLOCK them

Munashe wrote:

I know it was so good well done school council

isabelle wrote:

wow that cool i learned a lot

Natasha wrote:

I think that the school council are amazing for caring about other pupils in the school and their safety using the internet. Well Done Everyone and Miss Finley and Miss Parker!

isabelle wrote:

i leaned a lot on online bulling

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