Should The Warriors Temple and El Castillo be demolished?

Date: 13th Mar 2019 @ 11:14am

Write you opinions both for and against demolishing these Mayan buildings in Chichen-Itza.

Remember to read your classmates comments before you start blogging. 

Ava H wrote:

No because all the history will be destroyed

Kai G wrote:

you shouldn't break the temple because less people will visit!

Connagh M wrote:

it shouldn't be knocked because people that live in the future or now can visit them as attractions

Hannah M wrote:

I think we shouldn't demolish el castillo because they've been there longer then us so its not fair how we just demolish it now.

Bailey B wrote:

I don't think they should be demolished because its just like destroying history but on the other hand the're getting old. Anyway if you do knock it down at least build some homes or roads with it.

mason and bailey

Silvia O wrote:

I think that people should scatter Chichen Itza states

Rachel M wrote:

I think that it should be demolished because the Mayans are so who would want to see the temples anyway mainly it would just be couples visiting however a theme park is thrilling so think that you cant

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