Nursery - Miss Dixon 2020 - 2021

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  Welcome to our Nursery! 

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This half-term our topic question is...


What is special about me? 


As a Historian, I can:

* Have a sense of my own immediate family and relations

* Learn that I have similarities and differences that connect me to, and distinguish me from others

* Show interest in the lives of people who are familiar to them


As a Geographer, I can:

*  Notice details features of the environment

* Learns that they have similarities and differences that connect

them to, and distinguish them from, others


As an Artist/Designer I can:

* Experiment with blocks, colours and marks

  • Begin to construct, stacking blocks vertically and horizontally, making enclosures and making spaces  


As a Scientist, I can:

* Comment and ask questions about aspects of the familiar world 

* Can talk about some of the things they have observed such as plants, animals, natural and found objects.



Subject specific vocabulary:

Feeling words- happy, sad, upset, excited, scared, angry

Same, different

Family, friends, house, home  
















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