At Crosslee, we reach for the stars in progress and attainment!

Teachers make on-going assessments of children’s progress to help them plan work at the right level.  On admission to school, children do a baseline assessment which gives teachers a base against which to measure future progress.

At the end of the Early Years children are assessed for their Good Level of Development and areas of learning.  These assessments are standardised and the results are collected by the Local Authority. This progress is then monitored for their time with us. We want everyone to make great progress.

At the end of Year 2 (Key Stage1) and Year 6 (Key Stage 2), children do National Standardised Assessment Tests (SATs) each year. Year 1 pupils continue to do their phonics tests and re-testing in year 2.

All year groups complete assessments each half term.These assessments support class teachers to plan and teach to extend pupil's learning further.

The results of assessments are reported to parents in the child’s end of year report and through Parent’s Evenings provided for parents to find out about their child’s progress.  Parents have a right to see their child’s school records at any time. Please take time to review our assesment policy. This continues to be updated to ensure our new assessment system drives our progress further.

Key stage 1 test information for parents. Please follow the link below:


Crosslee Assessment Policy

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