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At Crosslee we make a noise about bullying all the time! Every year we have an anti-bullying week to raise the profile of bullying across the school and in our community. This year each class have looked at how to stop it from happening and what to do if it does happen. Further information on anti-bullying can be found on:

Parents can find further information on keeping children safe and making the right choices in relationships:



Our school council have been working hard to make their own voice heard about bullying. They produced an assembly and shared facts and figures about bullying in the U.K. Our council also produced lessons in each of their classrooms, with activities to challenge and get our pupils thinking. Well done for all your hard work!

We continue to encourage parents to keep up to date with safety by providing workshops. We hosted a workshop for all parents and carers. This was about keeping your child safe online and using social media. It highlighted the importance of being vigilant with technology. Thank you for your attendance, we really are working together to prevent future incidents.

Keep an eye out for our next Parent Workshop!



We ensure we have days to raise awareness of  key issues which affect us and our community. We continue to do work on Safer Internet Day and throughout the year in our curriculum. At school we will look at ways our children can keep themselves safe online. The link below is a practical guide for parents to ensure safety using social media.

Our School Council produced another outstanding assembly informing pupils the best way to keep safe. Please look at our school blog on internet safety and join in the conversation. Workshops in each classroom have also been delivered by our council....very informative!


Speak Out. Stay Safe.

The NSPCC have been into school to share how we can keep ourselves safe, by talking about our worries. Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 took part in an assembly, where we met Buddy and discussed key things to remember at home and school. Year 5 and 6 completed workshops and looked into this in more depth. Our pupils fully engaged with the workshops.

Link to further information:



We endeavour to empower our children with knowledge to ensure they can keep safe in the community. We have good links with our local fire station and they come into school to share their expertise and aim to prevent harm around fire.

An excellent resource for parents is Parent Zone. School will be frequently sending home Digital Parenting magazine. This will update you on the current trends and provide advice and support for dealing with social media issues at home. 

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Please connect to the website below to discover what Parents need to know about Fortnite-Battle-Royale:




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