PE, School Sport and Physical Activity

PE, School Sport and Physical Activity


At Crosslee we want our children to be enthusiastic sportsmen and women. We aim to deliver high quality PE lessons that develops the children’s competence and confidence to participate in a range of sports after school and within the community. We believe that delivering outstanding lessons will encourage the children to stay active from an early age.  We want to teach children key vital skills such as being able to swim. We want children to understand what qualities make a good team, understanding fairness and accepting defeat. Our goal is to ensure everyone irrespective of their ability progresses and enjoys the PE lessons we deliver.

The aims of our PE Curriculum follow that of the National Curriculum, ensuring all children have a secure understanding of not only sport specific knowledge but also the skills of communication, collaboration and evaluation. High expectations are set for all learners regardless of their background or attainment level.

The PE Curriculum is designed so that taught knowledge and skills are built upon each week, term and year, with strong links to Manchester City and Manchester United who hold tournaments for  our children to attend and compete at. Manchester City support in our delivery of PE by providing weekly sessions throughout the year to help support teachers with CPD. We offer a range of extra curricular activities throughout the year and children are able to particapate in team based games during lunchtimes (timetable below). 

Monday - Basketball

Tuesday - Netball

Wednesday - Hockey

Thursday - Rugby

Friday - Football


Our PE Curriculum:

  • Engages all children in regular and consistent physical activity.
  • Offers a wide range of sports and activities to all children.
  • Allows the children to make progress irrespective of their ability.
  • Encourages laughter and enjoyments.
  • Nurtures sportsmanship in all aspects of competitions.
  • Allows the children to reflect on how they can improve their performance.




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