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At Crosslee Community Primary school, we aspire to ensure that all children acquire the skills and knowledge to work and think scientifically, whilst gaining a holistic understanding of the world around them. We aim to ensure that all children gain an in depth understanding of scientific processes alongside the implications of science for today and the future.

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Scientific enquiry skills at Crosslee Community Primary school are embedded through each engaging Science Bug topic, which are revisited and developed throughout their time with us. Topics, such as animals including humans, are taught in Key Stage One and studied again in further detail throughout Key Stage Two. This approach, as well as trip or visitors linked to their topic allows children to build upon their prior knowledge whilst embedding knowledge into their long-term memory. 

In Key Stage One, children understand Science as the study of the world around us. In Key Stage Two, Science is taught through Physics, Biology and Chemistry. It is made clear in each lesson which one is being covered. 

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The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum supports children’s understanding of Science through the planning and teaching of ‘Understanding the World.’ Children find out about objects, materials and living things using all of their senses looking at similarities, differences, patterns and change. Both the environment and skilled practitioners foster curiosity and encourage explorative play, children are motivated to ask questions about why things happen and how things work. Our children are encouraged to use their natural environment around them to explore. Children enjoy spending time outdoors exploring mini-beasts and their habitats, observing the changing seasons, plants and animals. Children regularly participate in cookery and baking sessions which allows them to experience changes in state as ingredients are mixed, heated and cooled

Science teaching at Crosslee Primary School involves adapting and extending the curriculum to match all pupils’ needs, including disadvantaged and SEND children. Where possible, Science is linked to class topics as well as a science topic being covered in each year group. Science is taught as discrete units and lessons where needed to ensure coverage. Teachers plan to the curriculum ensuring children’s interests and needs are taken into account. Ensuring all learners are engaged and knowledge is built upon each year.


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