Special Educational Needs

Many children experience some degree of Special Needs during the time in school.  At Crosslee we follow guidelines of the government Special Needs Code of Practice and provide extra support for pupils who have difficulties in making progress.  All pupils are regularly assessed to monitor progress and indentify any difficulties.  Special programmes of work with clear targets are drawn up by the class teacher for any child who has a Special Need in consultation with the Inclusion Leader.  The child’s progress is then closely monitored and the programme reviewed at least termly.

Some children may require additional support in school and this is arranged through the Inclusion Leader.  Some may need the involvement of outside agencies such as Speech Therapy or Local Authority Services such as the Behaviour Support Service or Educational Psychology.

A few children may need to have a formal assessment of their educational needs which is carried out through the Local Authority.

Parents are consulted at all stages of the Special Needs process.

Any other information required please click the link https://hsm.manchester.gov.uk/kb5/manchester/directory/localoffer.page?localofferchannel=0


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