Something is coming to Crosslee.....

Date: 11th Jan 2016 @ 10:15am

Dear boys. Hope you had a happy and safe break. It is time to get our writing brains back! On Tuesday 9th February, something special is coming to Crosslee. Before I share our exciting news to inspire more writing, I would like you to guess. What could inspire our writing by visiting our school? Get your blogging hats on.


tommy wrote:

miss parker I am really excited and I think it is a new climbing frame

Mrs Parker wrote:

It could Tommy! Do you think that would get us in the mood for writing? Do we have space for another frame?

dylon stephen paul burrows wrote:

hi I think it might be som think to do with bulling

Mrs Parker wrote:

Thanks Dylon Stephen Paul Burrows. We have just done some excellent work on bullying, but nothing is coming into school about it. Keep thinking. One tip: It is taller than a human!

jack3p wrote:

it may be a carrasel

Rio 3p wrote:

it could be the grinch or a christmasy clown

tommy wrote:

i wonder if we can go inside it woooh

Jacky Lin Y3H wrote:

I think that it would be a new thing

tommy wrote:

a seven foot dinosaur

Harvey Yates y6 B wrote:

Everyone I've solved all of your worries. So that's why I'm going to tell you what's coming to crosslee however not everyone can see this creature.... ? What is it your asking well I'll tell you ...... A SEVEN FOOT DINOSAUR is coming


Tobi wrote:

That going to be good for year 6 because it part of our topic

isabelle wrote:


Munashe y4 wrote:

I think it could be year6s topic dinosaurs

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