Science and Literacy

Hello Year 3H , I hope you are all well.

This is your home learning for Tuesday 24th March 2020.

In science we have been looking at Forces and Magnets. To contine this your home learning activity is looking at magnets.

I want you to log in to Espresso and go to KS2 science. Then find the 'Magnets' section. Watch the videos and then have a go at the quiz.

If you want an extra challenge try the 'Magnet Investigation' sheet. You can send it me as an attachment to our class gmail account.

Your literacy activity is based on the story we have covered this term 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. 

You will need to log into Purple Mash.

Go to 2do's and look for the book review. I would like you to write me a book review and tell me if you did like it or not and say why. Would you recommend the book to a friend ? What do you think you would ask the authour Ted Hughes if you met him ?

I look forward to reading your reviews.

Take Care

Miss Hepple yes

A little joke for you before you go

What do you call a dog magician?
A labracadabrador.     cheeky

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