How we Teach History


At Crosslee Community Primary School, we have developed a History Curriculum which is centred around the National Curriculum. The curriculum is carefully sequenced and spaced to facilitate spaced retrieval. In Nursery and Reception children are taught Historical knowledge and concepts through 12 progressive Understanding the World units. In Key Stage One and Two, the schemas they have built are deepened with new learning which connects to their existing prior knowledge; ensuring long term memories of historical knowledge and skills are created. Historical inquiry is essential to our curriculum and creates our WALTs (We are Learnt to…), teaching children how to think as Historians.


We have carefully selected 6 or 7 pieces of essential knowledge and vocabulary for each unit which enables children to build long term memories whilst managing their intrinsic load. We expect 100% of children to know 100% this knowledge and so it is rehearsed and revisited throughout the unit. The essential knowledge is given to children on a knowledge organiser along with historical vocabulary which is identified and split into three categories: ‘known words’ ‘essential words’ and ‘aspirational words’. 



At the start of each History lesson, children are given time and questions to enable them to ‘bridge back’ to prior knowledge they have developed in the  past weeks, terms or year groups. This enables children to rehearse and remember previously taught knowledge and skills so they have less chance to be forgotten over time. 

As children move through the school, we support and embed the progression of chronological knowledge and understanding by teaching British History in chronological order. Children have access to timelines and add significant dates from current units to their previous timelines, ensuring a focus on chronology. 42cf9d739390e22ee04399155d56b3f2.jpggettyimages-930156400-612x612.jpg

Every opportunity is made to ensure periods of local, British and world history are relatable to our children from EYFS through to KS2. This allows them to appreciate and enquire about the significant people, communities and events that have shaped Blackley, Manchester and the North West, both in living memory and beyond. The cultural capital of our children is important to us so we ensure to widen our pupils’ experiences through creative and enriching lessons, including opportunities for outdoor learning, going on trips, meeting visitors and using ICT links

At Crosslee we believe that all children have a right to a good quality education (Art. 28 UNICEF Charter) and should have an opportunity to access the curriculum of their year group so they can become well-rounded citizens. We adapt our curriculum and pedagogy to meet the needs of all of our children, inclusive of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. We have developed a toolkit of strategies to support children with difficulties in Cognition and Learning; Social, Emotional and Mental Health; Communication and Language and Physical impairments in order for them to access and progress in History lessons alongside their peers.


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