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Nurture School Award   

At Crosslee Primary we are working towards the Nurture UK Award. This two year journey allows staff to develop personally and professionally whilst embedding a nurturing culture throughout the school, enhancing teaching and learning and promoting healthy outcomes for all children. This is achieved by focusing on emotional needs and development as well as academic learning in a whole school environment. The programme is based on the six principles of nurture that we here at Crosslee are beginning to embed on a daily basis.

What this means for your child:

  • We support children to believe in themselves and build resilience.
  • The development of social and emotional skills is at the heart of our curriculum.
  • We use positive reinforcement and nurturing opportunities to recognise and manage their emotions.
  • We act on the pupil's voice through questionnaires, class assemblies, circle time and school council meetings.
  • Transitions are carefully planned.
  • Children feel safe at Crosslee and are supported to develop their emotional literacy.
  • We understand the children learn and develop at different ages and stages and this is reflected in our curriculum and approaches.



Who Benefits…

  • Pupils benefit – from the approach that supports them in their specific needs while delivering teaching and learning in a way that all can access. The pupil is at the heart of the school focus and their learning is understood developmentally.
  • Parents benefit – from being involved and welcomed in the school, in seeing the improvement in the children’s learning, behaviour, confidence and attendance. A better outcome for their children both in and out of the school and classroom.
  • Teachers benefit – from a renewed focus on their pupils and a culture change where every voice counts. A more balanced measure of outcomes for individual pupils ensues.
  • Schools benefit – from showing their commitment to developing an ethos and culture that is inclusive supports everyone in and associated with the school
  • Communities benefit – from having a school that wants to be at the heart of the community and demonstrates its central role in children and young people’s lives.


The School council did a Nurturing School survey to find out if the children think our school is nurturing. Here is what they said….

  • ‘People care for each other in our school’
  • ‘The teachers help me feel confident and focussed.’
  • ‘Miss Allison is always kind and supportive.’
  • ‘There are lovely children and adults in this school.’
  • ‘The adults say try your best.’
  • ‘We have a safe place to play.’
  • ‘Teachers are there when I need to talk.’


Your child's well-being is extremely important to us and while we promote nurture within the school setting, we also want to ensure that your child's well-being is also at the forefront when at home. If you have any concerns regarding your or your child's well-being, contact the school as soon as possible. 

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