Miss A Crew - Headteacher    

Mrs R Dawson - Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs S Shuttleworth - Assistant Headteacher 

Miss N Hodson - Acting SENDCo                            

Teaching Staff 2023-24

Nursery: Miss R Kundra

Reception: Mrs A Wraxall and Mr T Graham 

Year 1: Miss A Colligan and Miss R Allison

Year 2: Mrs E Gilliburn and Mr J Williamson

Year 3: Mr B Sunderland and Miss H Condliffe 

Year 4:  Mrs J Hepple and Miss V Hartshorne

Year 5: Miss M Hyde and Mrs R Patel

Year 6: Miss A Gale and Miss N Donnelly

Incredibles class: Mrs K Waddell

Behaviour and wellbeing lead TA- Miss M Mack

Outreach TA for Early Years - Mrs L Cavanagh


Teaching Assistants

Miss D Rushton

Miss S Warner

Miss D Fletcher

Mrs S Roddy 

Miss K Abdulhafeez

Mrs K Hodson

Miss M Boulton

Miss K Laycock

Mrs P Moore

Miss R Foster

Miss K Hughes

Mrs N Thanawala

Miss A Shepherd

Miss Z Addy-Boye

Miss A Salnaite

Miss I Prince

Mrs C Letcher


Support Staff

Miss M Toy – School Business Manager

Miss D Saphier – Administration Co ordinator

Mrs E Mallalieu – Admin Officer

Miss N Jones - Attendance Officer

Mr R Sykes – Catering Manager

Mr K Doran - Site Manager

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